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By 2020, existing power stations producing about a quarter of Britain’s electricity will close. Many of these are old oil, coal and gas-fired plants whose carbon emissions no longer meet EU environmental regulations. The remainder are nuclear reactors reaching the end of their lives. The Government believes new nuclear power stations should form part of a new low-carbon energy mix together with renewables and also lower emission fossil fuels such as natural gas.

EDF Energy aims to build a new power station with two reactors located on land next to the current Sizewell B station. This website provides information on our plans for developing new nuclear power at Sizewell in Suffolk, and will give you an opportunity to find out more about the proposals.

EDF Sizewell
Stage 1 Consultation
Our Stage 1 consultation has now begun. Click here to find out more and get involved
Statement of Community Consultation
Our Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC), which sets out how we plan to consult the public is available here.
What's Happening
Further events will be added soon

View our informational videos.
Sizewell C update -- Recent Hinkley Agreement
Sizewell C update -- Recent Activities
Sizewell C update -- What Next?
Supply Chain
Latest News
Habitats Regulations Assessment Evidence Plan: EDF Energy has been preparing an Evidence Plan in support of a regulatory process known as the Habitats Regulations Assessment.

Business Opportunities
The proposed Sizewell C will offer new business opportunities throughout the supply chain and across many different sectors. A website run by the Suffolk and Norfolk Chambers of Commerce is now available for businesses to register their interest in becoming suppliers: www.sizewellcsupplychain.co.uk

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